Ruis Elz Limited is a world class  wholly indigenous procurement firm with its head office in Lagos, Nigeria. From its inception, Ruiz Elz Limited has developed a long standing reputation of offering exceptional service with world class merchandize. We are a service-focused company that specialises in the supply of computer hardware, printers, printing consumables, stationery, CCTV, audio visual and other computer accessories.

Hardware & Software Sales & Support

Purchasing computer hardware and software is an important investment. Ruis Elz will help you get the most value from your investment by sourcing from the best sources, performing upgrades, repairs, and installations to your hardware and software.

Network Installation & Support

With our partners years of experience installing and supporting Novell, Windows NT, and Unix networks, Ruis Elz will tailor a networking solution to your company’s specific needs. In addition, our service to you does not end after the network is installed.

Internet Services

The Internet is one of the best and most challenging marketing and communications medium that we have ever seen. Ruis Elz is poised to meet those challenges with a thorough understanding of this new and evolving technology.


Ruis Elz product telecommms portfolio includes wireless enhancements, antenna and subsystems, wireless transmission, wireless broadband and wireless access equipment. Our telecomms service range includes consultation, network design, optimization and commissioning. This enables Ruis Elz to supply its clients with end to end telecomms solutions.


Ruis Elz Limited seeks to become the leading procurement firm in Nigeria through excellent service delivery to both the public and private sector. In addition, we seek to develop and shape Nigeria through the provision of employment and training opportunities for the Nigerian youths.


Quality  – Ruis Elz invests time, money and resources necessary to ensure the desired quality and growth of not just our clients but also our employees.

Service –  We belive that service must complement quality. Only by understanding the needs of our clients can we provide high quality services and attain leading position in the market.

Efficiency – We at Ruis Elz Limited believes that the best way to improve productivity is to provide our people with the oppourtunity to learn and improve their personal skills, contribute to the work process and be satisfied with their achievements

Innovation – Long-term success can only be assured by cultivating new ideas. That’s why Ruis Elz encourages its employees to be creative, and gives them the means to see their ideas realized.

Reliability –  We Commit to clients realistically and follow up thereby enforcing consistent excellence. We are quick and responsive in business dealings within and outside the organization.



Accountability – We practice an open and transparent communication with high accountability levels. We take swift and efficient steps to correct errors or defects, rejecting inconsistent behavior.


Pursuit of Excellence – We apply consistency with diligence, innovation, timeliness and detailed workmanship in all projects and dealings. We are open to possibilities and remaining flexible though continuous leaning, coaching and mentoring.

Our People

Bunch Of Experts.

A marketing and business development expert, Omotoyosi is Ruis Elz‘s head of Business development. He is an experienced Business Development strategist who is in charge of implementing and designing go-to market strategies, writing business plan, implemnting sales strategies as short and long term projects, designing and developing marketing campaigns for Ruis Elz.

Omotoyosi has an ingenious track record of of delivering value and projects on time and within budget. After bagging a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from a top tier university in Nigeria, he started his career with the Justice Development and Peace Commission an NGO that addresses social issues in Nigeria. This experience was life impacting as it taught him the strategies of effective negotiation. After he left the Justice and Development Commission, he interned at the Ondo state House of Assembly.

He joined Ruis Elz from a top Pharmaceutical firm in Nigeria where he was Head of Sales. Omoyosi has excellent communication skills with strong numerial skills. He is adept at generating new sales leads, exploring business opportunities. He joined Ruis Elz because of his fascination with IT and Telecommunications as he is a gadget officiniado.

Omotoyosi TaiwoBusiness Development

Ridhwan is an astute professional whose career has spanned over two continents. He has a degree in  International Business Management from a prestigious school in Canada.  His undergraduate Programme was in Law.

He is experienced in the multifaceted world of business in the global economy with a deep understanding of human resource management and project management. Ridhwan has a strong grasp of trade research and market analysis.

Ridhwan began his career at the Ministry of Justice where he was a legal assistant before he moved to Canada to work on his second degree. while in Canada, he worked with the Nimble Information Strategies Inc. Markham, Toronto as a Data Entry officer where he worked with the registrar system, handling sensitive information. He left Nimble Information Service in April 2017 to Join HPU REHAB, Toronto, Ontario.

He is a partner at Ruis Elz where he is in charge of Business Operations. He is responsible for the implementation, coordination and consistency of business management deliverables on the project, including effective implementation of the company project managment system.

Ridhwan ShittuBusiness Operations

Sam is a veteran in the field of IT and telecommunications long before the field became glamorous. He started his career in July 1976  with Radio Communications Nigeria Limited rising to the post of Senior Technologist/Site Manager before leaving Radio Communications Nigeria Limited (RCN) in 1986.

After he left RCN, he proceeded to the United States for a degree in Telecommunications for two years at a prestigious university in Florida. On his return to Nigeria in 1988, he joined the Leventis Group as a Computer Superintendent, where he managed the Computer Technical department of the group which was in charge of repairing computers, printer and peripheral logic boards.

In 1991, he joined DPMS as a Senior Engineer. He was in charge of the repair and manitainace department of DPMS where he gave directives and assigned duties to Engineers. He was also in charge of developing training curriculum for new engineers joining the organization. He provided on the job training to enginers teaching them on maintainace techniques on servers, PCs, mobile computers, Networking and Structural cabling.

Sam left DPMS in 1998 to set up different start-ups that majors in Information Technology and telecommunications solutions to both Public and Private sectors.

Sam has worked on different projects all through his career. Between 1998 to 2009, he worked as a consultant to CFAO Nigeria Plc to expand their IT base from a few standalone computers to a very large network which has now grown to a large wide area network. He also worked with Franco-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce on LAN and Intra-networking amongst others.

Sam Ogunde

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